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Jan 1st, 2011 Get help with your dental anxiety at a city of London dental practice. Get in touch

Dental anxiety is a very common problem for many people and is something that affects a diverse range of people both children and adults. Do not suffer in silence frequent visits to the dentists are vital to address your issues of dental anxiety, discuss your problem with a City of London dentist. To most sufferers it will not stop them seeing a dentist but they do retain a great deal of fear about when they visit, in some cases however the anxiety and fear is so extreme that the patient would rather suffer toothaches or cavities than have treatment . Obviously not going to the dentist causes extreme problems, with some infections being so severe they can even cause death, especially when dealing with problems such as mouth cancer, regular checkups are the only way to avoid severe problems and stay safe. Not only can teeth cause problems for your health they play a huge part of our physical appearance and aesthetical appeal, poor teeth can lead to problems with confidence and self esteem and can even cause depression. There are a number of ways in which dental anxiety can be addressed and possibly even solved obviously feelings will still be there but the situation can be improved by a few options. Firstly finding a supportive dentist that you feel helps you and supports you are key, addressing specific concerns you have and what makes you particularly uncomfortable will help rid you of some anxieties you have. In addition to this there is sedated treatment option, where you will still be awake but very relaxed this can be done in a number of ways such as valium and laughing gas. Also there are various psychological treatments such as distraction techniques, hypnotherapy and behavioural psychotherapy whereby you are taught and given ways to overcome your fear through the power of the mind.

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