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Jun 13th, 2009 Get Laser Bleaching for Your Teeth at a West London Dental Practice Get in touch

As you may be aware, there are a number of things that can cause your teeth to become discoloured. For example, some people have naturally grey teeth. While laser bleaching won’t be of much help in these circumstances, it is ideal if you smoke, or eat foods that tend to stain tooth enamel. Today, your West London dentist can provide this service for you. Therefore, if you are tired of looking at discoloured teeth, or are planning on a smile makeover, laser bleaching should be part of your plans.

For the most part, laser whitening is a fairly simple procedure. Your dentist will apply a hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth, and then use a laser to whiten each tooth. Typically, this procedure requires less peroxide than more conventional methods. Depending on your diet and oral hygiene, this procedure will enable you to have white teeth for a maximum of two years.

In most cases, laser bleaching causes no damage to your gums and teeth. Typically, even if you have gum disease, you can have this type of bleaching treatment. If you have fillings, they will not be loosened or damaged by laser whitening. You will also notice that the enamel on your teeth will not become soft. Unfortunately, your teeth may be a bit more sensitive after this procedure.

Many people that want white teeth do not feel comfortable with conventional bleaching methods. Even though laser bleaching may be a bit more expensive than other procedures, you may find it worth the extra cost. At the very least, you will not need to be as concerned about using whitening agents after the initial procedure. Aside from this, if you have other oral health issues, you may find that laser bleaching is the only option available.

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