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Apr 12th, 2010 Get rid of bad breathe caused by gum disease says a dentist in London W1 Get in touch

Gum Disease is a major problem that causes us not just dental problems, but social and personality problems as well says a dentist from W1 in London. One problem exasperates another once we have contracted a gum disease; such as the advanced disease Gingivitis. Once the problem takes a hold it is almost impossible to cure, the best we can hope for is a prolonged delay in the deterioration of the gums. Acids and bacteria are the most common causes of bad breath from diseased gums, although liver and gastric problems, along with a poor diabetes regime will also add to the problem. When we eat or drink something pieces of debris get lodged in between the teeth, the bacteria in the food and our mouths then react with the sugars, fats and chemicals in the debris and this is what produces the odour. The bacteria then infects the gums and disease sets in. As the fleshy part of the gums die off the bacteria gets to congregate around the exposed part of the tooth, and tartar builds up. Tartar is the hard off white substance that we has a rough edge to it, your dentist will generally scrape this build up off when you get your 6 monthly check up. The best way to eliminate bad breath caused by gum disease is through a good regular oral hygiene regime, every dentist has a hygiene nurse and it takes just a few minutes to get good advice. Brushing throughout the day, flossing after every meal and the use of a good mouth wash will all go some way to beating bad breath caused by gum disease. Try carrying some flossing sticks with you and drink a regular amount of water throughout the day, both of these simple measures will go some way to beating the problem and making you more confident and socially acceptable.

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