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Dental implants are probably one of the main contributors of cosmetic dentistry to the world. A dental implant is essentially an artificial replacement that resembles a tooth or a group of teeth. Some of the reasons that lead to tooth loss are dental caries, root canal failure, tooth decay, periodontitis, injury, congenital defects or excessive wear and tear. Dental implants are the best and most effective choice to replace lost teeth. These implants can be of two different types;
1. Osseointegrated implant
2. Fibrointegrated implant

The popularity of dental implants has risen tremendously over the recent years. Some of the main advantages that have led to the popularity of these implants over other tooth restorative options are;
• Implants are stronger and more durable for long term use.
• Implantation is a permanent solution to replace lost teeth.
• Dental implants can be combined with other restorative processes to increase effectiveness.
• Since these are permanently inserted, they are easy to care for and give the wearer a completely natural look.
• Most implantation procedures are computer-guided which makes them safer and faster and take very little time to heal.
• Development of mini implants has made this procedure extremely popular in today’s beauty-conscious society.

This procedure has one of the highest success rates in dentistry, but all are not eligible to get a dental implant done. Consult a London W1 dentist who will take your history and examine your teeth and gums to consider you for this restorative procedure.

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