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When you hear the expression ‘false teeth’ it probably makes you think of elderly relatives and their sets of dentures. But there is far more to false teeth than that and dentures are just one type of false teeth among a variety of different ways in which they are used. Read on to find out more information about false teeth and the varied ways in which they are used in modern dentistry.

In recognition that a full set of teeth is more useful than a partial one, humans have long sought to replace lost teeth. Early human beings would use animal teeth where they could, or even bits of wood. In the late nineteenth century there were some significant break throughs in false teeth technology and these developments continued apace in the twentieth century.

Now false teeth are applied in a variety of different ways in patients’ mouths. Of course there are dentures which are sets of false teeth mounted on a platform and worn in the mouth when all teeth have been lost. False teeth are also employed in dental bridge work where one is secured to surrounding teeth using strong dental composite.

The pioneering dental implant work that is growing in popularity also uses false teeth which are essentially screwed in secure sockets placed against the jaw bone and under the gum. Modern false teeth are growing in durability and can last very many years with the right care.

If you have suffered from tooth loss and, like our ancient ancestors, rightly decide that you need a full set of functioning teeth in your mouth, ask your City of London dentist about all the different varieties of false teeth and which one is best for your dental situation.

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