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Jul 16th, 2012 Get the Teeth You Always Dreamed of with Lumineers from Your London W1 Dentist Get in touch

Lumineers are a type of veneer that has a very important difference. The basic idea behind veneers is to replace the top layer of enamel with porcelain, creating a bright new surface and shape for your teeth. With traditional veneers the thickness of the porcelain meant if it were to be placed directly on top of the tooth surface it would protrude and be a functional and cosmetic disruption. To solve this regular veneers require the dentist to remove the top level of enamel to create the space in which to place the new veneers. While this allowed attractive veneers to be used it meant the permanent alteration of the teeth, an irreversible procedure. If in the future for any reason it was necessary to remove the veneers you would be left with an exposure of the dentin, the softer inner material of your teeth.

Lumineers are recommended by your London W1 dentist because of how it is able to address this major problem. The patented material was developed to be several times stronger than the tradiotnal porcelain used for veneers. Because the porcelain was so much stronger a thinner amount was required to be placed over the tooth and still be strong and durable. Since the layer of porcelain with Lumineers is so much thinner it is no longer necessary to remove any part of the enamel. Your original teeth can remain completely intact and undamaged.

The procedure of placing the Lumineers is straight forward and is normally completed in just two visits to the dentist. The first will involve taking measurements and impressions of your teeth with which to produce your individual Lumineers. The next appointment with the dentist will be to have the Lumineers bonded to your teeth. You may be asked to come back for follow up a couple months following, simply to check that everything is going well with the Lumineers.


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