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Jun 12th, 2010 Get your confidence back with laser gum contouring from London W1 dentist Get in touch

About 7 per cent of men and 14 per cent of women are affected by something known as a gummy smile. This is when an excess of gingival, or gum, tissue encroaches upon the teeth and makes them look uneven and disproportionate to the rest of the mouth. This can be an unattractive and embarrassing condition that can cause a lack of self-confidence. The condition is usually caused by genetics but can be the result of other health conditions such as high blood pressure prescriptions.

In the past, the way to remove this excess tissue involved using a scalpel. This obviously doesn’t sound very pleasant even though the procedure was relatively painless. However, improvements in dental technology have led to the introduction of the dental laser. This has many uses in modern cosmetic dentistry but it can crucially be used to remove excess gum tissue, with several key advantages. Firstly, it uses a great deal of heat, which will not hurt the patient but will cauterise the tissue that it cuts. This also means that the cuts are sterilised and will heal much faster than if they were cut with a scalpel.

This gum contouring using a laser is also very accurate and can be used to create a very pleasant and even looking smile, where all the teeth are even and proportionate to one another. In some cases the tissue may grow back to some extent but this is unlikely. Gum contouring is a very easy and quick procedure that can be accomplished in only one appointment with a London W1 dentist. It is also very affordable and will bring an end to the embarrassing gummy smile that may have been lowering your self-confidence all these years.

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