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The colour of your teeth can be just as important as their size and alignment. In fact, from a distance it is the colour of the teeth that is far more noticeable than the alignment or evenness of the teeth. However, teeth can lose their natural colour for many reasons, either as the result of poor oral hygiene or possibly because of a medical condition. Certain food and drink substance can also be very bad for the colour of the teeth, such as red wine or coffee. Cigarettes are bad for the colour of teeth as they are for dental health and general health overall.

Losing the whiteness of the teeth can therefore have a big impact on the way the teeth look and the appearance of the smile. But there is no need for concern as there are now treatments that can be used to treat the colour of the teeth and make them white once again. These treatments have become more affordable over the last few years as the demand and supply both grow.

One of the leading teeth whitening treatments on the market is called Enlighten and is offered by City of London dentists as a routine procedure. Teeth whitening starts from as little as £450.00 and goes up from there depending on the nature of the treatment you require.

The treatment requires the application of a gel containing hydrogen peroxide to the surface of the teeth. This then seeps into the enamel and returns it to its natural colour, or at least a more healthy looking white colour. Treatments last on average about 2 weeks and have few if any side effects other than a feeling of slight sensitivity.

Enlighten is used safely in around 5,0000 dental surgeries across the world so you know you are getting one of the safest and most effective treatments available.

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