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Nov 17th, 2011 Get Your Sparkling Smile Back With Multiple Dental Implants From Your Dentist in the London W1 Area Get in touch

Are you missing more than one teeth? Are you experiencing embarrassment and difficulty chewing or speaking? Your problems can be solved by multiple dental implants. More comfortable and long lasting than partial dentures, multiple dental implants are also the most natural looking replacement for your missing teeth. Multiple dental implants work by attaching a fixed bridge to more than one dental implants. Multiple dental implants are very secure and strong in a way that partial dentures are not. In this manner, multiple dental implants are more practical than partial dentures. As an added benefit, the procedure of getting them is not as intrusive as getting traditional bridgework. Unlike traditional bridges, multiple dental implants protect and preserve your jawbone, restoring or maintaining the structure of your face that may have been altered by your missing teeth. If your missing teeth make enjoying your favorite foods a difficult chore and you are suffering from embarrassment and low self esteem, please consider multiple dental implants as a beneficial restorative procedure for your health. If you dream of smiling with ease and genuine happiness again, consider the highly successful restorative procedure of dental implants today. Patients report a boost in confidence and overall quality of life with multiple dental implants. You don’t have to struggle with missing teeth anymore, so speak to your dentist in London W1 today about multiple dental implants.

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