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Jun 12th, 2013 Getting a dashing Implant in Central London Get in touch

Dental implants are seen as one of the best ways to overcome any type of tooth loss, as over the years the treatment has got better and better. It has developed to combine with other ideas such as the dental bridges, dentures and crowns to give you the security you need after what can be a very tricky time for some people in central London. On paper though, it can read a little like a Frankenstein operation: it essentially involves a small, robust titanium root being screwed into the bone of your jaw and to do this, it must go through the gum tissue. Yet though it sounds bad, it has become easy to perform thanks to precision laser surgery and does very little damage to the gum tissue and bone- making healing a lot easier than it was in the past when the procedure was carried out with scalpels and drills. Once it is in though, it should last you a lifetime, infection free and give you back your freedom to live a normal oral lifestyle again. Find out how to pay for it first though, because costs can spiral if the work is complex.


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