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Nov 7th, 2010 Getting a dental implant in central London Get in touch

Have you lost a tooth in central London and just happen to have £3000 burning a hole in your pocket? Or maybe all of your teeth and happen to have, erm? You do the maths! Then you should consider dental implants as an option to plugging the gaps and giving you back the beauty to your smile you have so tragically lost. Implants sound a very painful option, just the idea of having screws drilled into the jaw sounds ghastly and, in layman’s terms, that’s exactly what happens, the principles haven’t changed, but the procedures have, radically. In fact, implant techniques have advanced so much over the years, using scanners, computer systems and micro surgery techniques- it has become a complete science, reducing nerve damage in the tissue that normally occurs with a scalpel. With traditional implants, treatment could take up to 6 months to complete, now, the process can be as little as 2 months and in the case of mini-implants (used with dentures), it’s over in a day! Usually, treatment times relied on the healing process. But now, healing of gum tissue and new bone can be stimulated using plasma proteins. The new teeth are as strong as the old ones and look fantastically Hollywood. Get your money out!

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