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May 23rd, 2012 Getting a Lava Crown in West London Get in touch

Crowns are the type of fitting you’ll have if you have suffered from tooth decay or have decided to plug up the loss of a tooth with a bridge or a dental implant. Most crowns used by dentists in west London are made from either porcelain- only to be used in areas of delicacy, porcelain-over-metal- where you require strength or gold- just to show-off. But dentistry waits for no-one and new materials are being developed all of the time and one that has definitely captured the imagination is the lava crown, a hybrid concoction that is popular for on the spot fittings through CAD/CAM technology. The crown’s foundations are made from a lattice work of zirconium and then covered with layers of ceramics. The materials used make it highly natural, to mirror the rest of the teeth in the mouth but it is the design and materials used that make this extremely strong, as strong as gold or porcelain-over-metal yet without leaving the grey staining around the gums. Unfortunately, its strength, combined with how natural it looks doesn’t make this a cheap option, a lot more than regular crowns but consider this. This is a fitting that is going to be in your mouth for a long time, possibly life, so why not take the best option available and get the best- it will only benefit you in the long run.

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