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Jul 3rd, 2013 Getting A Quick CEREC Fix In London W1 Get in touch

459343_blogA lot of people work hard in London W1- they also love to let their hair down too, so trying to get things like dental repairs done or even having new fittings put in can be hard to get into a busy schedule; but then, this is why the dental world has got wind of this and that there are such treatments as CEREC to fall back on. This amazing computer based treatment can resolve problems in your mouth in around and hour and fit you out with things like a bridge, a crown and even new veneers…interested? It involves a dentist sitting you down and taking digital images of your mouth, specifically, the area that needs work. From this, a computer can design for you a brand new fitting within in a matter of minutes, and this information is then fed into a magical milling machine that will start to make the piece that you need: the making of your new part will only take around 20 minutes to complete but in the meantime, you will have your teeth prepared and cleaned by the dentist. Then all it needs now is for the part to be cemented into place by the dentist and after, cleaned up: if there is a problem at this point and it doesn’t fit properly, the advantage with CEREC is it can be either trimmed up or remade on the spot. This treatment is brilliant for someone who has precious little time in the day, but still needs their smile to sparkle at all times.


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