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May 27th, 2013 Getting a quick fix in the City of London with Cosmetic Bonding Get in touch

The city of London can be a harsh and demanding place to live and leaves you with very little time to get yourself patched up if things go wrong- such as dental issues. Your teeth and smile can mean a lot when it comes to getting ahead, so it is essential that they look the best they can at all times. One thing you always have to fall back on if things go wrong is cosmetic bonding and you can have it done in the time it would normally take to neck a bottle of wine with a friend during your lunch hour. Sit down, relax and let your dentist get to work on you. First, after a quick clean, your teeth will be coated with several layers of resin- colour coded to suit the rest of your teeth and when the dentist is satisfied that there is enough to work with, your teeth can then be sculptured to get the desired shape…..and then highly polished. The beauty about this treatment is that it can gloss over many ills such as discolouration, gaps, chips and general wear and tear…very, very quickly. It won’t last you for life, but this quick fix will have you up and running before you have to be back at work and it is so versatile, you can have it touched up easily in the future.


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