Jun 3rd, 2011 Getting a Scale and a Polish Get in touch

Take a step back and have a think about your daily routine and what you put in your mouth in west London, and then think about the effect this may have on your teeth

Hard sweets and foods, for example, can produce sharp edges on the teeth, smoking, tea, coffee and red wine will leave their mark and stain the teeth.

Now brush as much as you like, but the best way to remedy your lifestyle and remove any tartar, or these sharp edges from the mouth is to get down to the dentist for a scale and polish.

And if you like the routine you live in and won’t change it for the world, then you best visit at least twice a year. The dentist will first de-scale your teeth around the base and if need be, below the gum line to ensure your teeth are free of any tartar deposits on the enamel.

Then the teeth will be polished to ensure there are no rough edges on the surface. There is quite an important reason for these two treatments. Any rough edges that tartar produce, or a rough edge on the tooth surface making it easier for plaque to develop and then before you know it, you’re having to have the same treatment again. With smooth teeth, it’s easier for your toothbrush to eliminate any traces of plaque.

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