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Dec 20th, 2013 Getting ahead with Preventative Dentistry for Gum Disease in Central London Get in touch

3601023_blogThere are a lot of things that you can do for teeth and gums in central London to avoid the dangerous things that can crop up in your mouth, which is why you need to ensure that you keep in with your dentist regularly. Preventing problems such as gum disease and tooth decay can be done by your dentist: you can do your best at home but in the dental surgery, things can be spotted very quickly with a probe and an x-ray, and if there are any signs of things like gum disease going on, then they can be tackled straight away. Scaling and polishing will help to clear any bacteria or tartar around your teeth and help you to avoid infection. Preventative dentistry is there for a reason and as long as you keep up appointments, then you will have a healthy mouth. If you don’t, things like gum disease will wreak havoc around your gums and teeth and then, it will start to cause problems throughout your body which overtime, will cause your heart to fail.

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