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Mar 16th, 2012 Getting an In-Depth Examination of Your Teeth in Central London Get in touch

585986_blogThere are some things we have done at the dentist in central London that help maintain the basic health of our teeth, like cleaning, scaling and fillings. But caring for your teeth is an ongoing battle, especially as we get older and it is always wise to go to various specialists in the field of dentistry in order to get a thorough MOT.

One such check-up is a periodontal examination, which can help you to avoid some very serious issues. A periodontist will look for signs of decay all around your mouth, the first being to check the conditions of your teeth and gums. The gums are very suceptible to attack and can easily become diseased, so they will be probed in order to verify the extent of a possible crisis- and then your teeth will be checked for signs of decay.

The extent of receding gums and teeth grinding can also be diagnosed through this examination. Even more important, getting this examination done will also show up any signs abnormal lumps in the mouth that could indicate the development of cancerous tumors. One other important element of this examination is that it will highlight any wear and tear on the surface of the teeth, indicating how healthy the ‘bite’ or occlusion of the mouth is.

By having such a check-up you can avoid the onset of periodontal disease, which will inevitably lead to tooth loss.

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