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Though the thought of having traditional braces fitted may fill you with dread, they work very efficiently and get your teeth into shape with the utmost precision. Of course, they aren’t the prettiest of things when they are fitted to your teeth, which is where the 6 Months Brace comes in. This fixed brace utilises all of the theory and qualities of traditional braces and then takes it to a modern level by using discreet materials: the wires and ceramic plates used all mirror the colour of the teeth they are working on, so the brace sits discreetly in the mouth. Although this brace works on many conditions that are a problem, its main asset is that it works more on teeth that are a problem when you smile, so it sets about solving problems when you show your teeth- and it works fast too. Every now and then, the brace will be tightened by your dentist in central London in order to keep your teeth moving, but because of the way it works, your teeth will be in place as quickly as 6 months and though it is going to take a lot to keep clean, the treatment will be over with very quickly.


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