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Sep 13th, 2012 Getting Fitted with Dentures in London W1 Get in touch

Probably one of the biggest taboo’s and anxieties that effects anyone that has suffered from partial or full tooth loss in London’s trendy W1 is the thought of having to wear dentures, but like it or not, the wearing of dentures is important in helping you to retain the occlusion/bite and the future health of your mouth. Dentures however, do not carry the stigma they once did because they have leapt forward with technology; materials have become more amiable inside the mouth and stick better around the gums as well as looking more natural. Fixadents ¬†have become stronger and again, more user friendly and with the introduction of mini-implants, the idea of dentures falling out at important times any more has become a thing of the past. Dentists also have become aware of the fact that by saving teeth, as opposed to removing them, their patients can wear extremely discreet partial dentures to cover-up tooth loss. Any form of tooth loss is going to be a challenge for both patient and dentist, but with all of the denture technology around, there is no reason why life shouldn’t carry on as normal.

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