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Oct 12th, 2012 Getting on board with Dental Procedures in the City of London Get in touch

As technology has soared in dental surgeries around the city of London, so too have the dental procedures got better and more intricate- all designed to keep your mouth healthy and to keep you smiling beautifully and it starts with the basics that we are familiar with. When you go for a check-up, you will have a quick examination, an x-ray, maybe a clean below the gum line and a scale of any tartar build-up. Any signs of decay can be countered with a filling or if worse, root canals; then you are sent on your way with a clean and a polish- this is the average check-up. Of course, dentistry then gets more intricate and more cosmetic. If you are missing teeth in a few places, you can have those replaced using dental implants, bridge or partial dentures. But if you are lucky and only need to hide a few nasty little elements in your mouth, then you can opt for bleaching, veneers or cosmetic bonding- these will ensure that your teeth look beautiful and healthy. Gums can be contoured using lasers, crowns can be fitted to replace damaged or missing teeth, and braces/aligners used to straighten out any problems. Dentistry also extends into the world of bone and gum grafting in extreme cases of periodontal disease. There really is nothing that dentists can’t do in this golden age in order for you and your mouth to be at your best at all times.

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