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Mar 19th, 2012 Getting Orthodontic Treatment in London W1 Get in touch

2904346_blogOrthodontic treatment in dentistry in one of those specialised areas and your first introduction to it in London W1 may have occurred when you enquired about braces.

An orthodontist’s work centres around the physical shape of the mouth and face, especially the teeth. As we grow our teeth can become crooked and the mouth can become overcrowded with teeth, but not only is the problem visual, out of synch teeth can also cause issues with the mouth’s occlusion or bite.

So on these two levels, the orthodontist will work with you to get you teeth into shape and a brace is the normal way forward here. For a complex situation this will not only involve its fitting, it may also involve the removal of teeth to enable movement to take place, and the fitting of head gear at night as well, to speed up the process.

After the treatment, some people may have to wear a retainer for a time in order to stop the teeth popping back out. Orthodontists also provide reconstructive work when damage or injury has occurred around the mouth and lower face. Essentially, this work is designed not only for vanity, but to ensure that your teeth and mouth remain healthy throughout your life.

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