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Sep 12th, 2013 Getting over a Knocked-out Tooth in West London Get in touch

592142_blogIf ever you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having a tooth knocked out in west London, you may be quite unaware of the fact that if you look after it after the incident has happened; it can be put back in again. Now that is all very well to say because having it knocked out in the first place can be quite traumatic and leave you in a state of shock. However, if you get the tooth into milk without touching the roots and then get along to see your dentist- if not, the hospital, the situation can be saved and the tooth will be perfectly placed and will sit quite happily again in the socket. Of course, milk may not always be at hand if the incident arises in the high street; then all you have to do is slot the tooth into your mouth and then get along to somewhere where you can be treated- your saliva will protect it. You need to act fast though otherwise the natural healing process will start and the wound will begin to heal again over the next 12 hours and it will make it very difficult for the tooth to be relocated. Find out more from your dentist, because if the tooth can be saved, it will save you a lot of money from having it replaced cosmetically.

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