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Oct 22nd, 2012 Getting that Crowning glory in Central London Get in touch

Crowns are a wonderful little invention that can be found in Central London, designed to replace any loss to the tooth, be it partial or if the tooth has been lost altogether. Its more common form can be found when a tooth has been ravaged by decay, and in order to restore the strength and shape to the tooth, a crown is used. But they are also invaluable when a tooth has been lost altogether: they are used in conjunction with dental implants to replace the tooth, or can be found in dental bridges. But the great thing about having a crown fitted is that you get to choose what material they are made from. Now if you have the money, you can have them made from anything practical if you so fancy, even diamonds, but generally you will get three choices and this is governed by what the work of a new crown is going to do. Some crowns need to be strong in order to take the forces that go through them from chewing and biting and so pure gold or porcelain-over-enamel are favoured to carry out these tasks. Of course, porcelain is probably the closest material that mirrors the natural hue of the enamel found on the surface of teeth, but on its own, it isn’t as strong as the other two options and pure porcelain crowns are preferred when only the forces of smiling, chatting and light biting are being placed upon them.

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