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Nov 23rd, 2012 Getting the complete Smile with a Makeover in West London Get in touch

Dentists can be cunning little devils and rarely miss a trick when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Sure, there are many ways that your smile can be improved and there are many treatments that can give you what you want. But all dentist love to put their own stamp on the way they improve you, so there is no surprise to learn that after a reconnaissance mission on your mouth, they can hit you with a deal, with one price, that will do everything that you need for the complete smile makeover- and that is a very saucy carrot to dangle over the fast moving and glamorous people of west London. The dentist will first attain a blank canvas to work with, replacing lost teeth, straightening crooked ones and ensuring that your whole mouth is healthy- then the real work can go ahead. With a smile comes whiteness and this can be done by bleaching your teeth or, if they are very ropey, doing some dental bonding or fitting veneers. Gums can be contoured, as can teeth if need be and if it takes your fancy, you can get some real ‘street glitz’ fitted in the shape of golden crowns. And to wrap the whole thing up, the more advanced in years among us can have a little botox done to smooth away those crow’s feet above the lips- truly, this is a great age for dental work!

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