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Mar 5th, 2012 Getting to Grips with Your Teeth in the City of London Get in touch

iStock_000004109962SmallEven though the City of London can throw a lot of demands upon you, you have to be prepared to look after yourself if you have decided to work in the capital, and that extends to the way you care for your teeth as well.

Your mouth is the gateway to the whole of your body and if you get this right, it can enhance your overall health. If you get the simple things right when caring for your teeth and learn to do them routinely, your basic dental health should last you for life.

Looking after your teeth isn’t rocket science- it starts with the way you look after your teeth in the bathroom, by brushing with the right brush and by using the right toothpaste. Then there are a lot of products on the market to help you back up this process to ensure you give your teeth and gums the best opportunity: dental floss, inter-dental brushes and mouth-washes are all designed to help you back up your daily regime of oral hygiene.

If after you do the best you can to care for your mouth and things still go awry, then you have the best back-up of all to fall back on, your dentist, who can patch up all of the things you may have overlooked: getting the basics right can help you avoid expensive treatments in the future and optimise your overall health.

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