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Jan 20th, 2014 Getting up close and personal with Mouthwashes in London Get in touch

2823674_blogIt seems odd that on one hand, mouthwashes are getting plaudits from all walks of life, and yet others consider them a waste of time in London. Anything that helps to keep your mouth free of bacteria is always going to be a bonus and many mouthwashes are designed to do this. Some are specifically aimed at doing special tasks; plaque for example is always a constant threat to the mouth and you can buy a wash that will help break down this attack. Another mouthwash can help you to fight back against the dangerous condition of gum disease; medicated mouthwashes are excellent if you have been worked on of late and your mouth has been left in a delicate state- these will help to aid the healing process and get you back on your feet smiling again. Aside from this, mouthwashes can help battle bad breath and help your mouth feel fresh and healthy….so where’s the problem? If there is a downside to some alcohol-based mouthwashes, it is that if they are used and applied wrongly, they can help to promote bad breath in certain conditions. If you need further advice on what mouthwashes to use, then sit down and talk to your dentist about it.



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