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Mar 4th, 2013 Getting your Gums Contoured in London W1 Get in touch

We are born with looks and traits that shape the way we grow and that will influence the way we present ourselves in London W1 later on in life; some will be good, whilst others will be bad. The same applies to the way our teeth grow, but if your teeth mature in a rather unsightly way, it can damage the way you smile and make you very introverted. This is never truer than if you have a ‘gummy’ smile; this is where there is far too much gum covering your teeth and it really can make you self conscious whenever you open your mouth. However, cosmetic dentistry covers all bases and surprisingly, this condition can be eliminated surprisingly easy. Once you have decided that you want this done, your dentist will sit you down and get you to smile and the teeth that show will be the ones that are treated. After your gums have been numbed then the excess gums will be removed by a laser, which means little trauma will be caused to the tissues left and healing will be quick. The whole treatment will take around 30 minutes to do and though after the anaesthetic wears off there will be a period of discomfort for a few days, but this can be soothed with painkillers and a medicated mouthwash; but you will be smiling throughout that’s for sure!


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