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Feb 21st, 2012 Getting Your Smile Made-over in London W1 Get in touch

1567900_blogIf you and your teeth have been feeling a little sorry for yourselves and have been looking a tad jaded of late, then you will find no solace at all if you live in London W1- an area where you will be constantly bombarded with images of people who know how to smile with beautiful pearly-whites.

On posters, in newspapers, people who amble by smiling on the pavements, on TV….over and over you will be reminded of how bad you look. Harsh, maybe, but the fact is you too can quite easily look as good if you get down to your dentist for a chat and find out what’s on offer.

First, make sure you get your teeth and gums into shape, plug any gaps with a bridge or an implant and crown, then you can begin your journey. There are home bleaching kits, toothpastes and bleaching pens that can use to simply touch your teeth up at home. You can also get a laser bleach blast from your dentist that will regenerate the way you smile.

For the more decrepit teeth, dental veneers and bonding will cover up everything and make you run around like a puppy again. Without being rude though, all this is great but if you have advanced in years, your lips around the mouth may still betray your age- whatever you have had done to your teeth. Lips get withered with age, but, with a few dermal fillers or a touch of Botox, you too could be that person in the poster- don’t beat them, join them!

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