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Jun 11th, 2015 Give Your Mouth Some TLC This Summer Get in touch

585983_blogThe last thing you want this summer is to be nursing toothache, suffering with swollen gums or dealing with dental injuries. Here are some useful tips to protect your teeth and gums this summer and help you treat your mouth to a little TLC:

Dedicate 5 minutes a day to your oral hygiene routine

Many of us rush around on a daily basis struggling to get everything done on time, but spending just five minutes a day tending to your teeth will make a major difference to your oral and general health. Dedicate two minutes every morning and evening and a minute to flossing on a daily basis and you will be doing your mouth a massive favour and reducing the risk of dental disease dramatically. A good oral hygiene routine will also help to keep your smile looking bright and healthy.

Book a dental check-up

Check-ups are a really good way of making sure everything is ok and identifying any issues at the earliest possible stage. They only take a few minutes and if you’ve got healthy teeth and gums you won’t need to go back for another six months.

Try to steer clear of the treat jar

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this can cause havoc for your teeth so try and find healthier alternatives and keep an eye on your sugar intake. Eating a lot of sugary food increases the risk of acid erosion, which contributes to decay and sensitivity. The worst offenders are sweets, chocolate bars, shop-bought smoothies, popcorn, fizzy drinks, cakes and biscuits.

Book a dental hygiene session

If you really want to treat your teeth this summer, booking a hygiene session is a great idea. Our dental hygienists are experts in achieving a really deep clean that will leave your mouth feeling lovely and fresh and your teeth sparkling.

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