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Jan 18th, 2012 Going beyond the Brushing in London W1 Get in touch


It’s all very well equipping ourselves with the best toothbrushes that money can buy, but as we have no doubt learnt by now and probably been told by our dentist in London W1, just brushing is no longer good enough on its own, which is why you can find shelves stacked in shops with products to compliment the brushing process. You may have noticed on your way down the isles packets of tiny little brushes- these are inter-dental brushes and designed to get between the teeth and remove the food that your normal brush can’t. Such as it is with dental floss, though with this, you can work it up into the gum line as well for a really thorough clean. Then you can top the process of with a jolly good mouthwash and then you have done the ultimate clean on your mouth. There is a footnote to all of this however: if you pop into a natural foods shop, the shelves here will be full or herbal and essential oils such as tea tree, aloe vera and Echinacea tincture. A drop of one these on your dental floss and if you massage the gums afterwards with such alternatives, it has the affect of soothing and regenerating life into the gums and keeping the blood going.

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