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Jan 24th, 2012 Good products and Bad Breath in Central London Get in touch


It is very easy to hit the panic button and go overboard when something starts to go wrong in our mouths in central London. We can quite easily get carried away and try to rectify the problem overnight by throwing all of the dental products on the shop shelves at it- as it is when we discover we have bad breath. But what a situation like this needs is not a knee jerk reaction but a calm plan and a cool head in order to reverse it. Things need to be worked out, such as your diet and lifestyle. Then you need a hygienist to come in and analyse the state of your mouth, repair you and then inform you where you have been going wrong in the past. There is a pretty good chance that gum disease is involved in some way and has been contributing to the cause of your bad breath by helping to dry up the saliva in your mouth. By throwing an over zealous attack at the problem with dental products can only lead to further problems, you need subtlety not ferocity. Some of the agents that you find in toothpastes can add to the drying out process so you need to be careful at what you choose, and harsh brushing needs to stop as well as you can do more damage than good to the gums. The worst things you can use though are alcohol based mouthwashes as these only mask the smell whilst the alcohol heaps further dryness to the mouth and gums.

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