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Dec 15th, 2011 Good teeth through Orthodontics in London W1 Get in touch

An orthodontic is part of a unique bunch of characters in London W1, but they are the ones to turn to in a ‘toothy’ crisis, because they are the people to straighten your teeth out. Now if you have to have brace fitted, an orthodontic will pick the best one to suit the treatment you require after assessing your needs through a series of digital images and of course what you can afford, as there are some really good, fast treatments around on the market today. Now, to most of us, we may well consider this treatment is required to make our teeth look pretty and in some cases, it is done for purely aesthetic reasons. But to an orthodontic, there are normally more serious reasons behind getting your teeth into shape. The whole ethics behind ensuring your teeth are straight and true, is to ensure that your jaws come together correctly to preserve the mouth’s occlusion, or in layman’s terms, the way we bite. Crooked teeth can put adverse stress on the jaw joints, that if not corrected can cause all manner of problems later on in life- tinnitus, headaches, neck damage and even issues in the upper back. So as you can see, it’s not just about the glitz of having pretty teeth, it’s also about looking after your health. Some orthodontic work can also extend into the field of reconstruction of the jaws after injury or through basic wear and tear via surgery.

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