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Oct 25th, 2012 Gratuitous Teeth Grinding in West London Get in touch

There are lots of problems that can affect your oral health as it is and what you don’t want is unwanted external issues adding to even more complications.West London is a fantastically vibrant part of the city- fast moving and full of zeal. But like all over the capital, it isn’t a cheap place to live and just trying to carve out a decent lifestyle for you and maybe your family if you have one, can put high demands upon you and make life very stressful and as we know, unwanted can affect your health. It’s also the reason behind teeth grinding- one of these unwanted external interferences that can be gratuitously destructive to not only your teeth, but to your head and upper body as well. A dentist can of course, supply you with a mouth-guard to prevent damage to your teeth, but that isn’t addressing the issue at all and the grinding motions with still continue. This will in time do untold damage to your jaws: it can also cause further destruction to your hearing and most dangerous of all, damage your neck and your central nervous system. The antidote to all of this grinding is to find out what is causing all of this stress and defuse it before your head hits the pillow each night, for grinding is at its most prevalent when you are asleep. Talk to your dentist about stress and possibly anger management courses and also learn as much as you can relaxation methods so that when you get home after work, you can properly chill-out and be completely stress-free when it’s time for bed.

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