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Jul 20th, 2011 Great Dental Veneers in Central London Get in touch

There is an awful lot of cosmetic treatments to choose from in central London, but if you are going to choose any, you couldn’t go far wrong with a dental veneer. Veneers have been with us for quite a few decades now and that is testimony in itself to just how good this treatment is. They are used to enhance the look of the mouth by giving you back that smile you may have lost over the years, whilst covering up a multitude of sins such as cracking, wear, chips gaps and receding gums at the same time. Essentially, the teeth are first prepared by removing the enamel so that a mold can be taken to make the veneers from. This would normally take a couple of weeks, although some dentists now offer CEREC, a process allowing the treatment to be completed within an hour. When the veneer is ready, it’s cemented into place and cured with a heat lamp. The most popular choice is porcelain, as it looks so beautifully natural in the mouth and can last well over 10 years. However, the Americans are always looking for new ideas. The Lumineer is such a derivative, made from a patented material, very thin and fixed to the surface of the tooth without removing the enamel, as is the DA Vinci type. The MAC veneer though is rapidly making in-roads into dental circles; made from pressed ceramic, it is three times the strength of other veneers around.

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