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Jan 27th, 2012 Grinding your Teeth to danger in London W1 Get in touch


Bruxism or teeth grinding in layman’s term is a very dangerous condition to have and seeing as the problem is borne out of a lot of stress related factors, there is a very good chance that you might have problems in a place as demanding as London’s W1. The first signs of it may become apparent when you start suffering from jaw or earache and the jaw itself clicks when you open and close it. Left unattended, the problem could cause damage to the neck, interfere with the spinal chord, and cause problems in the upper back. You will also be doing untold damage to your teeth- which although can be countered by having a mouth-guard fitted, will not get to the bottom of the problem behind why you are grinding teeth in the first place. It normally arises from stress and anger which you may be contending with throughout the day, and it doesn’t help if you do not know how to unwind when you get home. Solving this will require you to take up a stress and anger management course- to first attend to why you get worked up so much and then teach you how not to. Then you can be taught how to relax as well. By doing so you are truly saving your teeth and jaws from serious complications in the future.

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