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Jan 21st, 2010 Gum disease control; is it a parental role problem asks a City of London dentist? Get in touch

In a recent interview a City of London dentist advocated that poor oral care which leads to avoidable gum disease, and the advanced Gingivitis, could be eliminated by early year’s parental guidance and control. We teach our children so much in early life to protect them in later life, but we often concentrate on the popular subjects, and leave out some equally important ones. Good oral care and control of bacteria in the mouth is just as important a subject to teach as say; birth control and a sensible attitude towards sex. With the internet now available to almost everyone in the U.K. it is so easy to go on line, and see graphic pictures of the damage gum disease does to our teeth and gums. These pictures should be a thing of the past, but sadly they aren’t and gum disease in our advanced society is on the increase. Teaching our children at an early stage will allow them to develop good oral hygiene habits; this will drastically cut down the visits to the dentist, and mean that their teeth will last longer. Flossing is easy to teach, as is rinsing the mouth and brushing, make it a fun thing that mum and dad can do together with the children. Children like to learn fun things, and a `best smile and shiny teeth` contest will make them see the importance of having healthy gums and nice teeth. They may also be put off taking up the tobacco habit in adolescence if they realise that by smoking they will increase their chances of gum disease, bad breath and early tooth loss. They say it’s never too late to learn a life lesson, well isn’t the opposite even better, it’s never too early to learn one either, especially one that will benefit us all our lives.

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