Jul 19th, 2008 Gum disease putting London W1 at risk Get in touch

As I took a stroll down the one of the streets in London W1, I just couldn’t help but wonder about the condition of the gums of the people I meet. I really can’t help it. I am a dentist anyway. Well, so far a lot of people were at definite risk for heart disease so, I assumed, there may also be a problem with their gums. Others looked healthy enough, so they probably cleaned their gums and teeth regularly.Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the importance of taking of their teeth. I am not only referring to London but to all parts of the world as well. In fact, based on surveys conducted about the proper oral hygiene, only 15% brush their teeth only once a day and consider this enough for them. Among those who brush their teeth, a staggering 29% clean their teeth for less than a minute. This kind of practice increases their risk for having gum disease, and other major heart, kidney, or lung disease.

People in London should be made aware of what the consequences of not taking proper care of their teeth. I wonder how this can be done but I guess, with a little imagination and the right instruction on how to care for the oral cavity and its structures, not only limited to teeth, much can be achieved. But something should definitely be done about it. I feel it my personal responsibility to make sure everyone has clean teeth and healthy gums. I hope that they do cooperate.

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