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2603730_blogIf you have chipped, broken or worn down teeth and you feel like your smile is in desperate need for some major TLC, we have the tools and treatments to help. Our amazing dental crowns provide the perfect solution for broken and battered teeth and we will have your smile looking shipshape in no time at all.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a type of restoration, which dentists use to protect and strengthen broken and damaged teeth. If you have a large cavity, you have fractured your tooth or your tooth has been infected, a crown is an effective way of repairing the damage and helping to reduce further problems in the future. Crowns are sometimes called caps because they are slotted over the top of the tooth. As well as offering restorative benefits, crowns can also enhance the look of the smile.

Crowns can be made from various materials and we find that ceramic crowns, including porcelain crowns, are very popular because they blend in seamlessly with the natural shade of the teeth.

Crown treatment

Crown treatment usually involves two stages; during the first stage, the tooth is prepared, cleaned and shaped and during the second stage, the crown is fitted. Crowns are custom-made for the individual patient. After the tooth has been prepared, a mould of it is created and this is sent away to the dental laboratory; around 2 weeks later, the new crown will be ready.

Crowns usually last around 10 years and they are easy to maintain. Once they are in place, you simply go about teeth cleaning in the normal way. It is not possible for the actual crown to decay, but the area where the crown joins the natural tooth can become decayed and therefore good oral hygiene remains extremely important.

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