Halitosis: Learn Its Causes and Treatment at a Fresh Breath Centre in London Helps August 17th, 2008

Have you ever been in such situations where you have to sit closely beside, or worse, deal with and talk to someone with repulsive breath? When you are near people with bad breath, there is no escape for you; you always get a whiff of this stomach-turning smell. Then, when you get such an experience, you tend to worry about your own breath. Questions like, “What if I have bad breath and I am not aware of it?” or “How can I tell that I have developed bad breath?” or even “How can I make sure that my breath would not smell bad at all times?”Causes of Halitosis and Their Proper Treatment

In dentistry, no matter where you are, whether you are in Asia or somewhere in London, the medical term for bad breath is halitosis. Now it may just be morning breath, but if it persists throughout the day then something is wrong. Here are some common facts about how one develops halitosis:

Poor oral hygiene: Because of poor oral hygiene, an excess of bacteria can build up inside your mouth. These bacteria give off bad-smelling gasses that can be strong enough to smell offensive to anyone near you. Always adhere to the dentist’s instructions regarding oral hygiene. Some of these instructions may differ depending on each person’s condition.
o Gum disease: Another dental problem that is associated with halitosis is gum disease. Gum disease is superficial and does not affect the teeth or underlying bone. Gingivitis and peridontitis are the two common forms of gum disease. Some gum diseases can be cured with proper nutrition and vitamin intake coupled with good oral hygiene. Your dentists will always have the best and most appropriate remedies to recommend for this problem.
There are many ways to treat bad breath depending on the condition that you suffer. In London, there are many competent clinics available where you can have the condition treated. Then again, the best way to fight halitosis is to maintain good oral hygiene.