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Jan 12th, 2010 Handling dental emergencies; advice by a London W1 dentist Get in touch

If you have a dental emergency then you are well advised to have numbers to hand. Dentists are the same as a G.P. in certain respects regarding out of hours and in hour’s emergencies. Making sure you have numbers on your mobile as well as in your home phone address book, is a good start. You would also be well advised to know before hand where the surgery is, if you have a Sat-Nav then get the address post code pre-programmed in. If not then go online to AA route planner and print off the route, its very simple and will save you panicking when you or a friend are in pain. Using some common sense will alleviate the stress that many dentists have to also contend with when dealing with an emergency. The London W1 dentist knows only too well the added pressure of treating a patient who is stressed out by getting an appointment, and then getting to the surgery. An emergency can be anything from a toothache to a seriously chipped tooth, for a toothache there are some very old remedies available to hand in every kitchen. First wash your mouth out with warm water and remove any food lodged around the tooth by flossing. If you have any Oil of Clover then apply it to the tooth using a baby bud, this will usually do the trick temporarily. If you don’t have that then improvise by mixing some salt and pepper together into a paste, with a drop of water, again apply it to the tooth using a baby bud or your small finger. The heat produced will alleviate the pain. Chipped teeth are a different matter, and will often need immediate attention by a dentist to avoid more expensive treatment later on.

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