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352388_blogSurveys suggest that dental phobia is one of the most common phobias in the UK. If you experience anxiety when even thinking about going to the dentist or sitting in a dental surgery, we are here to help. One of the most worrying things about dental phobia is that it can prevent patients from seeing a dentist for very long periods of time and this undoubtedly increases the risk of dental health problems. As dental health has been repeatedly linked to general health in research studies of late, it is perhaps more important ever before that patients of all ages see their dentist for regular check-ups.

Why do people suffer from dental phobia?

There are so many different reasons why people have phobias and one person may have a completely different story to the next. In the case of dental phobia, there are many related fears, which may come into play, including a fear of needles, pain, the dental drill and injections. Some patients may have developed a phobia because they had a bad experience with a dentist in the past or they suffered pain during a dental procedure, while others may be worried about what may come of them going to the dentist; this is particularly common when patients haven’t seen a dentist for a long time and they worry that they will have problems that need treatment.

Sedation for nervous patients

At Aqua Dental Spa our aim is to make you feel comfortable and help you to overcome fears and build up confidence so that you are able to have regular check-ups without any anxiety or stress. We offer sedation for nervous patients, which is a technique that helps to alleviate fears and prevent pain during a dental procedure. Sedation induces a state of deep calm and it offers patients the opportunity to feel relaxed without the risks of general anaesthetic. When you are sedated, you won’t feel any pain, but you will be conscious and you will be able to speak to your dentist if you would like to.

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