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Jun 7th, 2009 Have Your Amalgam Fillings Done in Central London Get in touch

In most cases, if you are considering having amalgam fillings installed, then you have tooth decay in a molar. There is no question that you will want to gain access to a dentist that will remove as little healthy tooth material as possible. Therefore, if you need to have amalgam fillings, you may want to have them done by a Central London dentist.

As you may be aware, amalgam fillings are silver coloured, and made from mercury alloys. Even though there are many different kinds of filling materials available today, amalgam is still the cheapest and most durable. That said, if you need to have this type of filling, you may want to take some extra time to be prepared. While you may not need to take time off from work after having fillings done, you may want to take a few hours off beforehand. This will give you time to relax and get rid of any extra stress.

If you normally feel anxious about dental procedures, you may want to ask your dentist for a sedative, or something else that will help you relax. Unfortunately, if you are on medications for certain conditions, some of your options may be limited. That said, usually your dentist will be able to come up with a suitable answer. If you still feel concerned, you may also want to talk to your primary care doctor about other ways to help you remain calm and comfortable while you are getting amalgam fillings.

When you have tooth decay in a molar or premolar it is very important to have it treated as quickly as possible. Once these teeth become infected or seriously damaged, it will reduce your ability to eat properly. As may be expected, this can have serious consequences on every other aspect of your personal health. Regardless of how you may feel about having fillings installed, they represent a better alternative than simply doing nothing.

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