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Mar 9th, 2011 Having Dental Implants in West London Get in touch

There’s never been a better time to get a dental implant. Walk into most dental surgeries in west London and you’ll find that they are on the menu now along with all the other, more familiar treatments, and there is a good reason for this- technology. Computers and lasers have radically changed the way dentists treat their patients these days. Implant technology before was good, albeit a tad macabre because it still involved the cutting of gums and drilling of the jawbone before the implant could be screwed into the mouth. Though affective then, as it is now, drilling and cutting caused trauma that tended to make healing times lengthy. But computer imaging can pinpoint exactly where the lasers are directed, hence the process is more precise; very little damage is done to the gums and jawbone and new healing techniques mean that the treatment times have dropped dramatically and once in, an implant will last you for life. They are great for tooth replacement, great for supporting bridges and crowns, and great for anchoring dentures securely in the mouth. But the biggest benefit to patients is that all this technology has made implants more widely available. More and more dentists are trained in the treatment, meaning that prices have become competitive. Combine this with the fact that you can set up a repayment plan, or now, include it in health insurance, it’s become a treatment that anyone can have.

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