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Mar 13th, 2010 Healthy eating advice for your teeth from City of London dentist Get in touch

The food we eat can have a big impact on the health of our teeth. Just as certain foods can have a very bad impact on your teeth, others can actually be beneficial. By making small changes in your diet you could help to protect your teeth from disease and decay that could be very painful, costly and even embarrassing.

Starting with the foods that are not so good for your teeth, as you might imagine they are the fairly obvious ones. Anything with lots of sugar can cause damage to teeth as the presence of sugar in the mouth accelerates decay. Other foods such as crisps, which are high in salt, can also be damaging for the teeth. Basically, the simple rule to follow is that if it’s not good for your body, it’s probably not very good for your teeth.

Other foods and drinks can also have other negative consequences for the teeth. Red wine, tea and coffee can all cause tooth enamel to stain, which is irreversible. In fact all dark liquids can cause the teeth to stain. Other drinks such as fruit juices and squash can also be very bad for the teeth because of a high sugar content. The best thing you can drink for your dental health is water, as this cleans the mouth and washes plaque and food stuff away from the teeth. Drinking water after eating food bad for your teeth can also limit the impact it can have. Closely behind water is milk, which can also be very good for your teeth because of the calcium it contains, although most dentists would always recommend water.

Eating healthy food like fruit and vegetables is best for your teeth. They contain vitamins and minerals which benefit your teeth and bones and are less likely to be the cause of decay. Although it must be stated that after eating any food it is always a good idea to drink water or even brush your teeth as food particles get stuck between your teeth and begin to decay. This is a breeding ground for plaque and bacteria which can then further damage the teeth. Ask a City of London dentist for more information about healthy eating for your teeth at your next appointment.

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