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Mar 20th, 2010 Healthy teeth need more than just brushing according to West London dentist Get in touch

Many of us may think we are taking good care of our teeth because we brush them thoroughly for three minutes every day like dentists recommend but we could be giving ourselves a false sense of security because effective dental hygiene involves a lot more than just brushing.

Although brushing is obviously very important in keeping your teeth clean and free from plaque and bacteria, it is often the hard to reach places that cannot be cleaned with a brush that are the location of decay and gum disease. That is why it is so important to floss at least one a day. Flossing cleans the small gaps between teeth where bacteria and food debris can accumulate. The gaps are too narrow to be properly cleaned with a brush and require regular flossing to prevent decay.

Flossing also cleans the areas around the bottom of the tooth and underneath the gum line where bacteria gather in the small pockets. This can lead to both tooth decay and gum disease which can cause toothaches, infections and ultimately tooth loss. West London dentists also recommend using a tongue cleaner to remove bacteria form the grooves of the tongue. It is also a good idea to use a smaller inter-dental brush.

The most important factor in good dental hygiene however, is the regular six-month check ups you should be having with your dentist. Even the most regimented hygiene routine can still be under threat from disease and decay and only a dentist can help you to completely protect your teeth.

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