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Jul 24th, 2013 How A Mouth-Guard Can Work For You In West London Get in touch

373639_blogIf you love your teeth and gums in west London, that’s a good thing: you can throw great products at them, visit your dentist regularly and maintain a healthy diet. You may also like to exercise regularly, even have a recreational sport to play; all of this is fantastic. When it comes to sport though, depending on what it is, one would hope that you take the right precautions, especially if the game involves physical contact, because one of the most exposed areas of your body is your mouth. Mouth-guards are the best way to look after your teeth and gums during your fracas on the field or in the ring, and as long as you get the right one, you’ll be okay. You also have to remember that a good guard will also be able to absorb impact, which means you will be protecting your jaws and neck, as well as your mouth. You can buy mouth-guards off the shelf, or ones that you can contour to your mouth yourself at home, but if you really are putting yourself at risk in hard fought sports, you’d be wise to ask your dentist about getting a guard that is made and tailored to the sport that you compete in. This way, you will avoid injury and be able to carry on enjoying what you do.

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