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Nov 16th, 2018 How Aqua Dental Clinic Can Spot Dental Problems Before They Cause Problems Get in touch

At Aqua Dental, we’re staunch supporters of the theory that prevention is better than cure. Dental issues are very common, but in many cases, they are preventable. We’re keen to encourage our patients to look after their teeth and gums as best they can, and we use a series of measures to try and keep dental problems at bay.

Dental hygiene

Good dental hygiene is the best weapon against decay and gum disease. Our dentists and dental hygienists are on hand to provide advice and give tips to help you improve your oral hygiene regime at home, and we also offer a selection of dental hygiene services. We recommend annual visits for patients with good oral health and more frequent trips to the hygienist for patients prone to cavities and gum disease. Our hygienists can offer teeth cleaning advice, as well as intensive cleaning treatments that are designed to blitz plaque and tartar.

Routine check-ups

Routine check-ups are essential for good oral health. The Oral Health Foundation suggests that patients who see their dentist on a regular basis have a 60% lower risk of developing decay and gum disease. Check-ups last a few minutes, they’re completely painless, and they give our dentists a chance to catch any problems as early as possible. If you have signs of a cavity, for example, your dentist can treat the tooth before the situation gets any worse. Our dentists have advanced training in spotting signs of trouble, and they carry out a series of checks during every appointment.


Sometimes, dental issues start to develop long before they cause noticeable symptoms. Using the latest technology, including specialist cameras, we can identify potential problems before they start to cause you problems. Cameras enable us to see things that may not yet be visible to the naked eye, and this helps us to prevent issues that could potentially be dangerous.

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