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Apr 3rd, 2015 How are Sleeping Problems and Dental Issues Sometimes Linked? Get in touch

4443553_blogIf you’re having trouble sleeping, dental issues may not be the most obvious cause. But sometimes, dental problems and disrupted sleep are linked and seeing an Aqua Dental dentist could help to restore peaceful sleep in your household.

Bruxism and sleep

Bruxism is the medical name for tooth grinding, a sub-conscious action that causes the upper and lower teeth to clash together while you sleep. Bruxism is commonly linked to anxiety and stress and it can result in jaw pain, stiffness, limited range of movement in the jaw joint and damage to the tooth structure. In some cases, bruxism may also be linked to loose crowns or fillings and issues with the bite. The bite is the relationship between the top and bottom arches of teeth and the jaws. Often, people don’t realise that they grind their teeth until somebody else tells them.

How we can help with bruxism

If you’re waking up with aches and pains or keeping your partner awake because you grind your teeth when you sleep, we can help. By providing patients with bespoke bite guards, we can combat the unpleasant and painful symptoms caused by tooth grinding. The bite guard is made to the individual’s measurements to ensure a comfortable fit and it is worn during the night to ensure that there is no contact between the upper and lower sets of teeth.

In cases where loose restorations or issues with the bite may be to blame, we have effective treatment options on offer. We can replace loose fillings and crowns and we offer a range of orthodontic treatments to correct tooth misalignment and an uneven bite.

Dental pain and sleeping troubles

Toothache and pain caused by abscesses can make it difficult to get to sleep. If you’re in pain or you think you may have an abscess or an infection, call us today and we’ll do all we can to have you pain-free as quickly as possible.

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