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Sep 13th, 2013 How Cad/Cam works for you in West London Get in touch

2904341_blogCAD/CAM- computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing: it is a bit of a mouthful yet this technology can help you get your mouth fixed up in a matter of hours if things go wrong in west London. It can deal with crowns, veneers, bridges and even help out with implant problems. What it does is this: you go along to a dentist and have the problem area x-rayed and photographed and then this information will be fed into a computer programme which will design your new fitting in a matter of seconds. This will be then fed into a machine which will then physically mill your fitting in around thirty minutes or so. All it takes then is for it to be put into place- that’s it!! The other benefit of this is that if there are any problems, they can be rectified there and then. Now for anyone on the go all of the time, this is a godsend of a treatment as it is so quick. It isn’t that much more expensive than going down traditional routes in order to get your teeth sorted out, so give it a look.


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