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Feb 10th, 2012 How CAD/CAM Works in Dentistry in West London Get in touch

3492515_blogComputer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing- now what does that even mean?Very gobble-de-gook speak for the laymen in west London, but something that just may get the laymen the best results they need for their oral health.

CAD/CAM has been around for a while in engineering circles but has now filtered effortlessly into dentistry. If you have ever been in the position of being prepped for a veneer, crown or bridge, you will have had an imprint made of your teeth, which would be sent off to a lab so that your fitting can be made. Once there, a 3-D image can be created on a computer so that a technician can create your fitting with the utmost precision.

The amount of time this takes is quite minimal, around 30 minutes at most and is then fed into a milling machine that creates your fitting from a ceramic block. Now, in modern terms, this means that you do not have to wait for weeks either until the fitting returns, because most dentists these days have the milling machine in the next room and your fitting is made while you are being readied.

The other beauty of this is if there are any tiny hiccups in the fitting, it can be altered there and then and so, you can walk away in as little as an hour looking right dandy!

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